Fully Guided

Support Only

Lead Only


Moto + Hotel


Motorcycle tour leader (multilingual and with mechanical experience)
Support vehicle driven by guide/mechanic
Itinerary tested and organized
Possibility of customizing the services
Driving in front of the caravan (.GPX)
You decide when taking the trip
You decide the duration (days) of the trip
You decide who to share the trip with
You decide the road type (asphalt or gravel) of the trip
Overnight stays booked in advance
Welcome and farewell dinner
Guided tours on rest days
Motorbike (rental or your own)
  • Fully Guided

    "Fully Guided Group" means that the participants are inside a caravan led by the tour leader's motorbike and closed by the support vehicle with mechanic on board. The experience is carried out in a group, but participants with a certain familiarity with navigation with .GPX tracks can request the track and, if they like, leave early in the morning to always stay in front of the caravan and have time to take breaks longer and photograph the places crossed.
  • Support Only

    "Support Only" means participants are provided with a .GPX track to follow. The tour leader's motorcycle is not present, but the caravan is followed by the support vehicle driven by the mechanic. The experience is carried out in a group, but participants with a certain familiarity with navigation with a .GPX track can request the track and, if they like, leave at different times (but never after the support vehicle) to travel to their own pace and have time to take longer breaks and photograph the places passed.
  • Lead Only

    "Lead Only" means that the participants are led by the tour leader's motorbike and that the support vehicle is not present. This mode characterizes the WILD style, but can also be implemented for other styles, as we have already done in the past (for Private groups). The Tour Leader brings with him the compressor, some spare parts and the tools necessary to solve small problems such as punctures. Participants must be able to use .GPX tracks to be able to move at their own pace, without losing their way. The level of adventure is at the highest level.
  • Self-Guided

    "Self-Guided" means transforming our proven package into a 100% customizable experience. because you can choose dates, travel length, hotel types, road types, guided tour types and ultimately, budget type. It will be you and your friends (or your passenger) on our bikes (or on yours, shipped by us), accompanied by our ROADBOOK and the .GPX track to follow day by day. Hotels, restaurants, ferries and land visits are booked by us to have the most pleasant experience, but in total freedom! You just have to show up with your helmet on, turn the key and go.
  • Moto + Hotel

    "Moto + Hotel" means traveling on the most beautiful roads and sleeping in the most strategic structures, but without having a defined itinerary to follow. We'll provide you with a motorcycle (or we'll put yours in the condition to make the trip by sending it), we'll book you the hotels (medium range) on the agreed dates and you'll do the rest, linking one hotel to another through the streets you'll find in your searches. This is the cheaper version than the Auto Guided mode.
  • Private

    "Private" means requesting the presence of our tour leader or the support vehicle mechanic or both, for a completely tailor-made and limited number service, for you or your group of friends / motorcycle club. The private experience can be requested for all the modalities and styles we offer, with no limits on participants, no date limits, no budget limits and no customization limits. For this reason, we do not have a price list, because each private motorcycle experience is tailor-made for the customer and estimated on the basis of the type of services and length of trip requested. Send us an email with as much information as possible to build your tailor-made adventure!