Riders who experienced Machu Picchu and Uyuni Salt Flat with us!

"You’re not going home thinking this tour was ordinary"

Bruce Teague

“A wonderful way to learn about my riding capabilities!”

Craig Morris

“Wonderful! Roads and sights have been superb!”

Doug Teague

“This adventure gave me the most intense experiences as a present!”

Davide Guglielmina

“With Patagonia, this is my second experience with Ride True ADV”

Alberto Carletti

“A fantastic experience which I will remember for all my life!”

Riccardo Ravanato

Riders who experienced Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego with us!


"A personal bet successfully achieved"

Charles Barthe

"There are things that make you change, Patagonia is one of them"

Alberto Valsangiacomo

"Being here with my mates made it even more special"

Rodney Leaver

"Some of the my best riding days ever"

Steven Linnegar

"Wonderful, reaching the southernmost point of the world had to be done"

Ross Steele

"Amazing, I would do it again right now"

Richard Ryan

"Everything was simply fantastic"

Ian Frost

"Indescribable feelings that you have to experience at least once"

Cladio Bonicalzi and Laura Chierichetti

"It's been amazing. I wanted an adventure and I got it!"

Warren Crome

"This tour has been kind of amazing! I especially enjoyed the gravel!"

Paul Bates

"It's been an intense and challenging experience which showed us fantastic places!"

Alberto Carletti

"We're dealing with rain and dirt, but at the end of the day we are happy!"

Juan Gomez and Dora

"This has been my first motorcycle trip ever (her)"

Luciano Mucci and Giancarla Maiuri

"I even enjoyed giving good gas with the tour leader!"

Dario Manzinali

"Guys, everything on this tour has been amazing!"

Alberto Bedeschi

"We don't regret celebrating our honey moon riding Patagonia!"

Andrea Ricci and Sara Vattuone

"Tow-up riders need to be very passionate to enjoy this adventure!!"

Gianluca di Battista and Barbara del Quondam

"The experience has been fantastic especially because I decided not to learn the program by heart and wait for each day surprises."

Fabio Scanavin

"Me and Alberto had been trying to get on this tour for 5 years…and finally we did it with a great feeling of personal achievement."

Claudio Colombo

"The trip is about to end and it’s been an amazing experience…unbelievable place."

Enrique Otarola

"It was great to see the landscape swithcing from the Chilean side to the Argentinian one."

Alberto Castelli

"This trip has been amazing, such a new experience for my young age."

Eros Morcelli

"I couldn’t really say which was the best day, there was no such thing as “the most beautiful day” for me and this was because they were all beautiful. Me and Alessia never had a sad day because the group was great each one turned our to be a great person, which I thank."

Paolo Filippini and Alessia Pilastro

"The motorcycle were perfect, the Tour was immediately panoramic with amazing roads across the Andes, hills and it kinda felt we were in Switzerland but we were crossing the Andes instead."

Stefano Borsini

"The truth is, I didn't think I would make it to the end of the world. Although we had some trouble with learning how to get of the bike, the group helped us and we all managed to finish this adventure safely and happily."

Roberto Puccini and Annamaria Moretti

"The Tour Patagonia & Tierra del Fuego organized by Ride True ADV definitely a worth the effort."

Marco Cecchi

Riders who experienced the Andes and Atacama Desert with us!

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