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November 25th to December 9th 2018. Join our most requested tour of the year. Only 5 seats left!
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Gionata Nencini – Founderexmo-tours-exclusive-motorcycle-rental-founder-gionata-nencini

Originally from Italy, Gionata Nencini set out on his motorcycle in May 2005, leaving Florence to embark on a solo adventure that led him to discover 70 countries and 5 continents in a span of 13 years. After traveling 390,000 kilometers (243.000 miles) and working along the way, Gionata returned back to Italy after collecting experiences in the Siberian tundra, the Australian deserts, the fjords of New Zealand, the Patagonian steppe, the Andean plateau, the tropics and throughout North America. The vivid memory of the places he came to know and the desire to share his experiences with other moto-enthusiasts led to his founding of Ride True ADV and to fully devote his time as lead coordinator and motorcycle guide .

Gionata’s passion for writing, photography and video editing contribute to the post production of each moto-tour with exciting and dynamic featured videos and trip reports. His travelling through English and Spanish-speaking countries provided him the opportunity to gain a solid command for each respective language, a skill that allows him to interact with motorcyclists from all over the world and accompany them without language barriers throughout the journey.

Today he guides motorcycle tours in South America and Europe and continues the search for exciting new routes to share with other passionate riders. Gionata has written extensively about his global travels from 2005-2013, which is available to the public through his personal blog, PARTIREper.it, or through motorcycle magazines such as: Motociclismo, In Moto and Mototurismo. His adventure was also broadcasted on ESPN, MEDIASET and RAI.

In 2015, ten years after embarking on a voyage of discovery that changed his life by opening and expanding new horizons, Gionata accredits his motorcycle travel experiences by publishing his first book: Il Manuale del Motoviaggiatore (The moto-traveller handbook).


Ride True ADV arises from the need to make a difference in the world of moto-tourism. We know that every rider is looking for an experience that leads him/her to gain the most out of their passion for tourism on two wheels and it is for this reason that Ride True ADV offer an exclusive service of the highest quality in order to give our Riders unforgettable experiences in motion .

At Ride True ADV, we know that each of our riders is unique and we want to satisfy all their needs, so we have plenty of customizeable routes to destinations on five continents.

At Ride True ADV, we have assembled a staff that shares their enthusiasm for Motorcycle Tours, an attention detail, and a common bond derived from experiencing the world on two wheels. All this has enabled us to design a number of Ride True ADV for couples, open and closed groups opened, and Riders from all over the world.

The members of Ride True ADV are located in Europe, Chile and form a perfect team where everyone knows and cooperates with each other.

Andrea Sarani
Sales & Marketing
Andrea started travelling by motorbike when he was still very young, riding his faithful 125cc, in reply to prejudices among small-sized motorcycles; since then, he never stopped and faced even one of the biggest challenges for a 'eighth of a liter': the United States of America. Ardent promoter of "essential travel" philosophy, he manages and develop the company's brand image in order to offer unique and unforgettable experiences to our travellers.
Ylenia Berrios
Customer & Agency Relations, Hotel Reservation
Ylenia is Chilean and traveled by motorcycle all over Northern Chile, Perù, Bolivia, Italy, Austria, Germany and can definitely help groups of riders chose the best Tour among what Ride True ADV has available. She is also in charge of implementing new marketing strategies and developing new trusted partnerships with our Rentals Companies around the globe.

Ride True ADV

Ride True ADV is a L.L.C Tour Operator/ Travel Agency located in Calle Merced 838-A Of. 117, 8320000 Santiago de Chile.